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Your fitness GETAWAY
The YOLOFIT package includes everything you need for the perfect active holiday. From nutritious meals and beautiful lodging to transport and equipment, we've got you covered. Stay focused on you!
Your fitness GETAWAY
YOLOFIT package contains everything you need for the perfect active holiday. From nutritious meals and beautiful lodging to transport and equipment, we've got you covered. Stay focused on you!
(Includes luxury resort stay. All prices are in USD)

Package 1
Forest Bungalow
one guest in the room
Package 2
Forest Bungalow
two guests sharing the room
Package 3
Mountain villa
one guest in the room
Package 4
Mountain villa
two guests sharing the room
Package 5
Sanctuary Family
two guests in separate rooms
Package 6
Sanctuary Family
four guests, two guests sharing each room

  • 7 Day All-encompassing YOLOFIT program
  • Slots available for booking every week from December 2018 to June 2019
  • High quality accommodation for 7 Nights
  • Nutritious meals 3 times per day throughout the program
  • Daily snack pack
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Professional trainers' guidance
  • Fitness assessments and body composition analysis
  • Chiang mai and vicinity sightseeing activities
  • All tickets and national park entrances according to program
  • Bicycles and other equipment rentals according to program
  • Support vehicle and transportation according to program
  • Thai massage
  • Laundry service
  • Use of pool and fitness room
  • Customized exit strategy and routine plan

17 - 24 May 2019
24 - 31 May 2019
31 May - 8 June 2019
8 - 15 June 2019
19 - 26 July 2019
26 July - 2 Aug 2019
2 - 8 Aug 2019
8 - 14 Aug 2019
More slots weekly till December 2019.

No matter the destination, Yolofit scouts for the perfect resort that meets every fitness and wellness need!
Chiang Mai, Thailand → Jirung Health Village
We picked Jirung Health Village because it's the perfect oasis for our bootcampers to rest and relax. Experience a perfect nature escape and home away from home.

Experience these great benefits:
  • Beautiful, luxurious rooms
  • Surrounded by 360 views of forest-covered mountains
  • Exploratory features such as scenic viewpoints, walking routes, three lakes, waterfall and animal sanctuary
  • Spiritual and meditation spaces
  • Well-equipped gym
  • Professional spa, sauna and Thai massage services
  • Only 20 min car-ride from Chiang Mai International Airport
We work with Jirung Health Spa to provide sauna and Thai massage services for our clients as part of the package, and to boost recovery after training and active days. To upgrade and add more massages or saunas, let us know during your stay.
YOLOFIT provides bootcampers a specially curated meal-plan to acheive their fitness goals efficiently!

Look forward to:
  1. Curated Meal Plans. Three nutritious meals served daily.
  2. Flavor-Nutrition Balance. Enjoy nutritious, protein rich salads and soups from Thai Salads packed with fresh Thai ingredients to Tom Yum soups. Menu also features special grills such as Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, Baked Seabass and more.
  3. Customization. Customise your meals according to your target macros and caloric needs.
  4. Happy tummies. We provide a daily snack pack containing fruits, nuts and seeds.
  5. Hydration. Water will always be provided for bootcampers.
Package price according to the picked accommodation type.

With any special request, send inquiry to our headquaters!
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The YOLOFIT experience is designed as a 1 week (7 day) program. The program can also be extended or shortened* to fit your schedule. Simply tell us your desired length of stay when you send us an inquiry!
*Please note that prices will vary according to length of stay.
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YOLOFIT programs typically start on Saturday noon and end the following Saturday noon. Good news! The program is flexible & can accommodate different arrival/departure dates. Simply tell us your dates when you send us an inquiry!
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Slots are available every week from 1 December 2018 to 30 April 2019. Let us know your best week and we'll reserve your slot immediately. If you would like to book after this period, let us know and find out which exotic destination you could be exploring next!